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  • Trade Mark of the Year 2019

    Another year,which is appreciated at its true value at the professional contest "Trade Mark of the Year 2019".

    Since 2013, "Floreni" company has gainedthe highest award of the contest – "Golden Mercury". The award of this year isunder the "Food Products" notion, in nomination for "Reputation and Trust".

    We thank our consumers and team for the high level of confidence, for their willingness to buy domestic products under "Floreni" trade mark.

  • Schemes and lawlessness of the Mayor of Floreni village !!!

    With the coming to power of Mr. Ruslan Cretu - the new mayor of Floreni village - the famous company founded in 1972 and known throughout the country, began to face difficulties! The new mayor came up with new rules and schemes ....

    Ruslan Cretu has a rich experience of " solving " problems and issues, which is confirmed by his stormy past and criminal cases in Russia.

    According to the official answer from the Russian Federation regarding the person of The Citizen Ruslan Cretu, at the moment it is given in the federal search, and previously it was in the search on the file Ц. ОР (М) -438/2017 WITH THE OBLIGATION NOT TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

    Even after returning to Moldova, Mr. Cretu did not change his habits! He devised a new scheme and began….

    His attention was attracted by SRL "FLORENI"! Even if it is a company and a big taxpayer, which offers jobs for about 1700 people! It decided unilaterally that the existing contract for wastewater discharge is not legal, and the meter data, mounted and sealed by the responsible bodies, are not correct. He created a new company “Verdinoflor” SRL, whose representative is he also.

    "Verdinoflor" SRL, being a part of the mayor's scheme, does not want to conclude a new contract for the provision of services, but insists on paying them! As a result, the mayor, with his sleeves rolled up and the ardor of the fighter on the barricades, "without any personal interest", proceeds to "solve" the problem.

    He issues an invoice to “Floreni” SRL in the amount of 480,000 lei, indicating the unit of measurement "service", as long as, normally, the unit of measurement must be м3. Obviously such an invoice could not be accepted and was challenged!

    But this was just the beginning !!!

    Following his scheme, "The People's Chosen" disconnected us from the sewage system! Illegally disconnected the entire enterprise from the sewerage system from 6 to 14 July 2020 !!! In such a difficult period for the whole country, a large industrial enterprise was stopped, simply because the company's management did not collude with the mayor, did not accept his rules !!!

    The mayor continued his war and began to slander SRL "FLORENI" through all known methods and sources, reaching intimidation, public humiliation, vulgarity, adapting a behavior specific to the 90s!

    Then there was another invoice for 670,000 lei - the scheme continues to work, another disconnection ...

    The goal is obvious - blocking the company's activity!

    All of us, employees of the company “Floreni” SRL, citizens of the Republic of Moldova cannot continue to work in such conditions!

    We had to go out to a peaceful protest and defend, on our own, our company and our right to work! The right to live and work in our country, together with our parents and children! We are determined and we will go to the end, to the white sails!

    We address all the competent authorities, DO NOT BE INDIFFERENT, be solidary and demonstrate professional and civic responsibility! STOP ILLEGALITY of Mr. Ruslan Cretu - the mayor of Floreni village!

    Let us work at home!

  • Scandal in the village Floreni. The company "Floreni" SRL was disconnected from the sewer system.

  • Floreni SRL is under pressure from the local authorities from the village of Floreni, Anenii Noi district.The main slaughterhouse of the company had to stop its activity after, a week ago, the factory was disconnected from the sewerage system, managed by the local municipal enterprise.

  • Creating a serological laboratory

    In March 2019, the construction of a serological laboratory was completed.
    Serological studies are carried out regularly on modern equipment to monitor and control the epizootic situation at all stages of broiler chickens growth.
    The laboratory makes it possible to obtain a result on the state of immunity of chickens, starting from the first days of rearing.
    The laboratory allows monitoring and obtaining results within 24 hours.

  • Acquisition of soybean processing equipment

    In November 2019, installation work was completed on the soybean processing line. The installed equipment works stably, with a capacity calculated from the manufacturer. Currently, the soybean processing line processes about 60 tons of grain per day and provides the feed mill with enough soybean meal and soybean oil.

    The concept of extending the elevator was developed with an increase in the storage volume of cereals by 5 thousand tons.

  • Incubator expansion and increase of the incubation capacity by 20%

    In 2020, an additional building (12 x 16 m) was built at the main incubator building. In which the incubation section "700" was installed from 4 incubation machines type Smart Set ProTM 77 with a capacity of 82,944 eggs each. This expansion ensures an annual increase in productivity of up to 25 million eggs per year. The incubator is equipped with everything its need: water, electricity, heating. The air conditioning and ventilation systems have been modernized and completed. Assembly schemes for construction works, engineering networks have been implemented so that in the future it will be possible to expand the incubator with new sections and increase its productivity to 30 million eggs per year.

  • Installation of the new equipment at the meat processing slaughterhouse

    According to Halal requirements, the poultry slaughter line was modernized with the addition of an electric shock bath, with the possibility of wide adjustment of the voltage and frequency of the applied current and a device with 2 slaughter knives. The equipment was installed with strict positioning in the direction of Mecca. With the help of new equipment, the slaughter of poultry is carried out in accordance with EU requirements and Halal standards. The production capacity is 4,000 heads per hour.

  • Installation of air cooling system in halls

    The air cooling systems in the halls work on the principle of lowering the air temperature during water evaporation. Cellulose panels (ACP) measuring 2x3 meters are used as basic elements. At the moment, over 80 halls are equipped with cooling systems.

    The use of this system allows to reduce the temperature of the air entering the hall by 5-6 degrees compared to the outside air temperature. Air cooling systems (ACP) are used for chickens that have reached the age of 20 days on those days when the outside temperature is high. The system is controlled by a processor in the hall. Thus, favorable conditions for growth are created for the poultry.

  • 13.05.2020
  • Company fleet

    Each batch of „Floreni” Trademark chicken meat is delivered to the point of sale no later than 24 hours after the final production stage using refrigerated trucks.

    All cars are equipped with working refrigeration units of the corresponding capacity, which undergo annual servicing.

    For transportation of daily chickens, a specialized car was purchased that is fully prepared and meets the strict parameters of the growing process. It maintains the set air temperature, humidity level and carbon dioxide content in the transport compartment with high accuracy.

    The company's fleet of vehicles totals 65 units: 32 cars with a cooling system and 33 units of additional equipment.

  • We have obtained ISO 22000 certification

    The company "FLORENI" has successfully passed the certification of food safety management system according to ISO 22000, based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), thus confirming the maximum safety of the life cycle of our products in all stages of production , from the incubation of chicken eggs, the process of processing, packaging, storage, transportation and completion of the sale of processed chicken products in refrigerated and frozen form.

    When assessing the company's work for compliance with ISO 22000, the expert commission paid attention to such criteria as food safety, customer focus, motivation and involvement of management in the work, process approach and continuous improvement.

    Now the company "FLORENI" can demonstrate its compliance with international food safety standards to better meet the high standards of our beloved customers.

  • 13.04.2020
  • Open letter
    to Mr. Ion Ceban
    General Mayor of Chisinau

    10 апреля 2020

    On April 7, 2020, "FLORENI" SRL sent a message to your address in which it assumed responsibility and guarantees, that after the pandemic period will end, at the first request of the local public authorities, it will evacuate on your own account lodges on the streets of the capital, where the reconstruction of roads / sidewalks / lawns, such as Alba Iulia and Moscow Boulevard, including the building materials of the foundations, began.

    In the discussions with the praetorian and vice-praetorians of the Buiucani sector regarding the search for a compromise not to evacuate the commercial points on Alba Iulia street during the pandemic period, we came up with compromise proposals and engineering solutions on their own. We were informed that the lawn repair works are a priority project, the money is allocated and there is no compromise place. No argument was accepted, including that four sellers will be left without work, including that tenants of the blocks in the neighborhood will not be able to purchase poultry meat products directly from the producer and in the immediate vicinity. It didn't matter. The commercial point on Alba Iulia, 200 was forced out on the morning of April 10, 2020, at 05:30, in the absence of representatives of "FLORENI" SRL.

    In what order are the priorities generally set? For whom are the lawns being set up as a priority during the pandemic period? Many companies have had to stop working ... Many citizens are left without jobs ... For which of us now matters more the allocation of money in the beauty of a lawn than the health, keeping the job and the availability to buy a food product without risk?

    The company "FLORENI" SRL has addressed numerous times to you with respectful requests in order to approach an objective attitude towards the domestic producer in the process of evacuating the lodges in a legal and socially equitable field. We respectfully ask to be heard.

    Administration “FLORENI” SRL

  • Halal certificate

    "Floreni" SRL company made an important step for the development of export of chicken meat, obtaining a halal certificate for “FitFoods” trademark, which confirmed its compliance with the halal standards.

    "Floreni" respects the traditions and the faith of its customers, therefore from now there is an opportunity in the Republic of Moldova to purchase halal certified chicken meat in the company’s retail chain, as in all retail outlets which are selling "FitFoods" trademark products.

  • We are not overcharging the prices

    Regarding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, recently more often appears the information that many of economic agents have overcharged their prices as the demand has increased significantly. “Floreni” SRL company declares its solidarity with the customers, so the product prices will remain unchanged.

    In such a difficult period for all of us, we should support each other, and not try to benefit from the current situation.

    Be healthy, take care of yourself and of your family!



    1. Inform only from reliable sources!
    2. In case of any symptoms of a cold or flu - seek medical help: call 112 and / or your family doctor! In no case do not contact the medical facilities yourself! Do not self-medicate!
    3. Stay home! Go out only if absolutely necessary!
    4. Avoid crowded places! Keep a distance of at least 1 meter!
    5. Do not touch the nose, mouth and eyes with your hands!
    6. Do not use other people's personal items (plates, cups, forks, etc.)!
    7. If you have just returned from countries where COVID - 19 is common or were in contact with a sick person - isolate yourself for at least 14 days and notify the family doctor immediately! Follow your doctor's instructions! Do not contact other people! Symptoms may appear on day 5!


    1. Wash your hands with soap as often as possible or use alcohol-based disinfectants!
    2. If you are coughing or sneezing, do it in the bend of the elbow or use disposable wipes that must be immediately thrown into the bin and must be washed or sanitized!
    3. Treat surfaces with common access (handrails, handles, etc.) with disinfectants based on alcohol or chlorine!


  • Made in Moldova

    Floreni SRL participates in the exhibition Made in Moldova. From year to year, Floreni SRL participates in the Made in Moldova exhibition organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova. This is the 19th exhibition dedicated to goods manufactured in the Republic of Moldova. Visit our booth and purchase products “Floreni” with discounts is available until Sunday, February 2

  • Ceremony of rewarding the winners in the national competition "Notorium"

    11.29.2019 a ceremony of rewarding the winners in the national competition "Notorium" took place. For several years in a row, Floreni participates and receives the highest award of the competition - the Trophy. Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote. The Floreni trademark is rightfully recognized among other manufacturers and trademarks.

  • Brand of the Year 2018

    The company "Floreni" was once again awarded the highest award in the Brand of the Year 2018 Grand Prix competition - Golden Mercury.

    We thank everyone for their contribution to the common cause, for the victory, for the next achievement!

  • Meat Festival in Anena New

    For the first time, on 05/25/19, the Anena New’s Consul District organized the Meat Festival, in which manufacturers of sausage and meat products took part, from Anena New and from all over the Republic. Among the major companies were Floreni, Mezellini, Salamer and Pukoven. Within the framework of the Festival, a free tasting of a new product was conducted: marinated meat of TM “Mai Gustos”; also, anyone who wanted to have the opportunity to purchase ready-made grilled meat at an affordable price was able to do so. The number of people attending the festival was about 15.000 people. In addition to citizens and guests, the event was attended by politicians, the Minister of the Interior, representatives of ANSA and many others.

  • City Day in Balti

    For the first time, 05/22/19 in Balti, our company participated in the celebration of City Day. As part of the celebration of City Day, a free tasting of a new product was conducted: marinated meat of TM “Mai Gustos”; also, anyone who wanted to have the opportunity to purchase ready-made grilled meat at an affordable price was able to do so. In the center of the northern capital, guests and residents of the city could taste delicious, juicy roasted meat cooked by our chefs, as well as purchase fresh chicken meat at prices lower than in retail outlets.

  • We invite you to the Fabricat în Moldova (Made in Moldova) Exhibition!

    During the period from January 30 to February 03, we invite you to the Fabricat în Moldova (Made in Moldova) Exhibition, where you can buy chicken meat directly from the producer at the prices lower than in the branded retail stores.
    We are waiting for you!

  • Crăciunul Acasă (Christmas at Home) Exhibition

    During the period from 21.12.2018 to 25.12.2018, Floreni traditionally took an active part at the Christmas exhibition organized by Moldexpo. This year, the company presented a new concept: a new exhibition stand, a lottery held among buyers every day, where the winner was presented with a grocery basket under the Floreni trademark, and even more! Each buyer received a guaranteed gift for his or her purchase: pens, food containers and towels.

    Thank you all for participating!

  • Free tasting of chicken meat under the Floreni trademark

    Floreni is pleased to invite the guests and residents of the capital to celebrate this wonderful holiday together! We keep the tradition from year to year and we will be glad to see you again at the free tasting of products under the Floreni trademark.
    We are waiting for you at the address: bd. Stefan cel Mare, 83 (near the City Hall)

  • Avicola Floreni on the threshold of the European market

    Octavian Calmîc, Vice-Minister of Economy, and Gheorghe Gaberi, Director General of the National Agency for Food Safety, accompanied by representatives of the press, visited Floreni SRL. Floreni SRL (LTD) is the largest Moldovan producer of chicken meat and it occupies 60% of the market. Officials got acquainted with the production process by visiting the incubator, feed milling plant, poultry houses and the slaughterhouse.

    The company joining the MoSEFF national financing program made it possible to modernize all departments of the company in order to meet all requirements and conditions for exporting its products to the European market. At the end of the visit, Gheorghe Gaberi, Director General of the National Agency for Food Safety, mentioned during the press briefing that the next items in the export list would be chicken meat and eggs.

    In the near future, a meeting of the largest Moldovan chicken meat producers will be organized in order to prepare the companies for the visit of representatives from Brussels. The requirements of the European market for the production of chicken meat were set for Moldovan producers in 2013. During this period, the companies have managed to take measures for improving the production process. Floreni SRL has become a leader in this domain.

    The Director General of the National Agency for Food Safety has noted that the responsibility for the quality and safety of food products plays an important role for the producers on their way to the European market. To increase the market potential, a close cooperation between economic operators seeking to export products, external partners and government agencies is necessary.

    Octavian Calmîc, Vice-Minister of Economy, has underlined that the National Agency for Food Safety made great progress in developing the infrastructure of laboratories and in training specialists, which would help shorten the period of obtaining trading rights on the European market.

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