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Combined feed

The main ingredients and raw materials for combined feed production are various types of grain (wheat, corn), meal (soya, sunflower), protein and mineral raw materials, vegetable oil.

The main components of the feed:

We use four types of feeds:
Starter, Grower 1, Grower 2, Finisher
The feed is pelletized, is exposed to further thermal treatment with steam at 150°C. This ensures complete disposal of viruses and bacteria in the feed.

The factory is computer-integrated.
The quality of meat depends on the feed composition. At our farm we use only natural feed produced in Moldova. The company's specialists develop special balanced feed recipes for different ages, so birds have "new menu“ every week. This allows them to receive a full range of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components.

The main task of the company at all stages of production is to preserve the freshness and flavor of the chicken meat. These are the properties the company is focused on