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Broiler chickens

After the hatching the chickens are moved into prepared poultry houses with already created ideal conditions for their rapid growth. The floor in the poultry house is covered with a thick layer of fresh and dry straw. The temperature and humidity are ideal for day-old chicks.

"Cobb - 500“ broilers are very demanding to the conditions. Fresh water, the best ration and maintenance of ideal conditions are provided to the full extent.

In order to achieve the highest performance the recommendations on the birds’ growing, the veterinary-sanitary and technological requirements are strictly observed: the level of temperature and humidity, lighting program, feeding and drinking regime, water and feed quality monitoring.

The broilers are delivered for slaughter on the 42nd day. Poultry houses are cleaned and disinfected and the litter is changed.

The conditions for the birds are close to natural - they do not stay in cages but in spacious poultry houses