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“Floreni” is the only poultry farm in Moldova, which has an incubator supplied with modern European equipment “Pas Reform”, which gives the possibility to produce 300 000 chickens per week.

Hatching eggs of a special cross "Cobb 500" are purchased in Germany. Upon arrival at the hatchery the egg is dispatched to the warehouse. Carefully selected egg goes for fumigation (gassing). After that the egg is sent to the incubation room.

After 18 days of incubation the egg is transferred in special baskets to the hatcher, where it continues to incubate 3 days more. After 21 days the chickens are selected. One day old chicks are sorted and vaccinated. Then the chickens are waiting in the storage room to be sent to the poultry houses. The temperature in the storage is between 25 and 27°C. After the process completion all tools and equipment are washed. The hygienic requirements for the staff and visitors are the same and very high - everyone goes through a shower and change of clothes, fact that allows us to achieve a 90% hatchability.

An important advantage is the own generator and the water supply system, which allow to achieve the minimum dependence on external factors