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At the age of 42nd day the chickens are delivered from the poultry houses to the poultry meat processing department.

Slaughterhouse: this is the beginning of the poultry processing. High frequency stunning, "soft" system of scalding the poultry and a whole range of machines for evisceration provides high-quality processing of the final product. The process is automated. The quality and safety of products on the line are checked by veterinarians.

Processing: Through the cooling department the eviscerated poultry passes from the slaughterhouse to the processing department. The equipment of this section allows preparation of ice-water and cooling of the poultry during 70 minutes till +2°C. Further, the products are packed and proceed to the water-spray cooling or freezing room.

Refrigeration and warehouse: The final unit is a refrigeration warehouse for poultry manufactured products. The manufactured product is supplied here on the pallets from the processing department. The company has developed its own logistic system of moving the product in the warehouse. The complex is provided with the necessary number of refrigerating warehouses with different temperature regimes.

This provides 100% safety of the manufactured product, guarantees its quality and safety