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“Avicola Floreni” is ascending to the European market

Today Octavian Calmîc, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Gheorghe Gaberi, General Director of the National Food Safety Agency paid a visit to "Avicola Floreni" accompanied by the representatives of the media.

This company is one of the largest production units from Moldova that is specialized in growing poultry and holds a share of 60% on the local market.

The officials were presented the production process and visited the hatchery, the feed production unit, the halls for broiler chicken rearing, slaughter poultry and meat processing unit.

After the company joined "MoSEFF" international funding program it was offered the possibility to upgrade all production units which now correspond to the current requirements of a contemporary enterprise. Thus "Avicola Floreni" meets most of the requirements to export to the European Union market. This conclusion follows the statement of the General Director of NFSA expressed during the press briefing at the end of the visit that the next products to be accepted in the EU export list are poultry and eggs.

In order to facilitate the access of farmers growing poultry to the European market NFSA in the upcoming period will host a meeting of the largest producers of poultry with a view to assess economic capacities and the readiness of economic agents for the visit of an evaluation mission from Brussels. The set of EU requirements on poultry compliance was submitted to the producers in 2013 and meantime they managed to take a number of actions to modernize the technological process; the example of "Avicola Floreni" is quite eloquent.

The General Director of NFSA emphasized that on the way to the European market a major role is played by the producers that are directly responsible for the quality and safety of products.

In order to harness the potential of this market it is necessary to establish a close collaboration between the economic agents intending to export, the external development partners and the state institutions.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Octavian Calmîc noted that NFSA had obtained real progress in the development of laboratories’ infrastructure and in specialists’ training and this fact will contribute to the diminution of the period necessary to obtain the permission to export our products to the EU market.