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The “Floreni” company has developed and is ready to implement the environmental safety policy. The policy objective is the creation and implementation of low-waste and non-waste technologies, which will allow including in the economic turnover at the maximum extent all raw materials that are constantly formed and accumulated at the farm while production process of basic products. This is due to the need of safe exclusion the economic and environmental damage to the environment caused by the accumulation of waste.

One of the major policy direction is the environmental conservation through the implementation of environmental protection measures.

1. The most important task is the introduction of recycling of poultry droppings, which should be safe for the environment.
2. According to the agreements signed with specialized organizations, the company sends for recycling used mercury lamps, automobile and tractor tires, batteries, oily rags, as well as waste and debris from the area.
3. Technical modernization of the production is planned in terms of reducing the water consumption, gas and electricity.

All activities for environmental security and protection are provided with the necessary resources, including human resources, finance, technology, equipment and working hours.