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Currently at the poultry farm the process of technical re-equipment is going on, new poultry houses are built, increasing of slaughterhouse production capacities is planned, modern methods of management and feeding the birds are introduced.

Long-term experience of our employees combined with modern technologies allows producing healthy, nutritious and organic product – poultry meat. The use of feed of natural plant origin only ensures an excellent taste and ecological purity of the poultry meat. Availability of own feed allows adjusting the cost of production.

We promptly respond to the introduction of the latest technologies in the field of poultry industry and apply the innovative solutions.

The use of scientific technologies increases the viability of the birds and improves the quality of the finished product.

In the process of livestock growing on the poultry farms the special attention is given to the strict compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements and ensuring of preventive measures.

Finished products undergo a mandatory inspection of the veterinary laboratory and certification.